Developer Conference for Ethereum Infrastructure and Dapps

12 - 14 September 2022
Radialsystem, Berlin

3 days· 700+ attendees · 60+ speakers · 3 days · 700+ attendees · 60+ speakers · 3 days · 700+ attendees · 60+ speakers · 3 days ·

Participate in a unique

Dappcon provides the opportunity for co-creating the future of dapps while engaging the community in open critical discussions and experiential learning.

Organized by developers for developers.

This years edition will focus on Ethereum core development, Universal Basic Income and of course Dapps.







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Apply with a use case to leverage your Dapp during the conference and test it with 700+ participants!

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Submit your Dapp to be part of DappCon!

Apply with a use case to leverage your Dapp during the conference and test it with 700+ participants!

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How do the NFT tickets work?

Your ticket is an NFT on the Gnosis Chain. You will have to purchase it using xDai.

During the purchase process we will ask you to insert some metadata (name, email,….). It will be used to contact you and verify your identity. Before the conference we will use this email to send you a QR code. You will have to show this QR-code in order to check-in.

Another option would be to come to the check-in with your wallet that owns the NFT and you will have to generate a signature to prove that you are the owner of the NFT. Et voilà you can enter the conference.

How can I pay?

You can pay with xDai on the Gnosis Chain. The Early Bird tickets will cost 250xDai. Make sure to have a enough balance on your wallet to cover the small transaction fees.

How can I get xDai?

You can use the xDai Bridge to convert Dai to xDai. This instruction guides you through the process.

Are the tickets transferable?

Nope, we don’t want the ticket to be sold on secondary markets.

The tickets are personalized and are non transferable. In case you can’t make it to the conference and want to transfer the tickets to someone else please reach out to us.

Can I buy a ticket for someone else?

Yes! Simply select the advanced options and insert the address of the other wallet.

Is the metadata private?

Yes, the meta data is private. Such information should not be shared on a public blockchain.

How can I verify that I own a ticket?

You can access your ticket using the Unlock key-chain or in any other Gnosis Chain compatible NFT marketplace.

Can’t see it? Make sure to be connected with Gnosis Chain and the correct wallet.

I've tried doing my transaction but it's not working, what happened?

There are some basic things to check first:
1. Are you connected to the Gnosis Chain network?
2. Do you have enough XDai on your wallet to pay for the ticket and transaction fees?

I didn’t get a ticket. What now?

There will be at least one more wave to come. Stay tuned to get to know more about the dates.

In any case don’t buy tickets on secondary markets.

Generative artwork

I can’t see any artwork on my DappCon ticket, what went wrong. Nothing went wrong. At the current state the artwork is not added to the tickets. Once the conference approaches. The artwork will be added to your ticket

This looks familiar!

Yes, we are using the same ticket system as our friends from EthCC and reused some of their FAQs.

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